Biography and Contact

Pekka Vallittu (born in Mikkeli, Finland, 1965) is a self-taught artist, dentist and dental technician by trade. Making pictures through painting and photography has been a central part of his life since his school days. His hobbies include collecting art, boating, house maintenance, aeromodelling, ”Karelianism”.

He has a PhD and is a specialist in prosthetic dentistry and stomatognathic physiology too. His main work is as Professor of Biomaterial Science at the University of Turku in Finland, Finland. He conducts active research in innovative dental and medical biomaterials and devices with the aim of getting research results into clinical use in the form of new materials and treatment practices. Commitment to university and academic life, and academic traditions are in an important role for him.

”Art and Science Define Who We Are”

His paintings are oil paintings, mostly abstract expressionist paintings on canvas, where thick layers of paint create strong surface textures. Several paintings featured gold leaf. Most recently the paintings are illustrating lines, horizontal or vertical which open imagination to see variety of aspects of life. Examples of paintings of this series were introduced in the exhibition at the Galleria Fogga and Mökki Galleria and can now been seen the Painting Gallery and in the Previous Exhibitions. New series of paintings from Rome to Turku and its present university life are in the process and will be introduced in autumn 2023 ( If you are interested in for a painting in the Painting Gallery (catalogue raisonné) please contact If you are interested in for a customized painting of your desired colors and size you can contact artist for discussing how your ideas fit to the present moment of inspiration.


Kieppauslinja 2012 (Galleria Raya, Turku – Finland)

Otteita hetkistä 2013 (Galleria Raya, Turku – Finland)

Yksityisnäyttely 2015 (Kaarina – Finland)

Aikakultaa 2019 (GalleriAri, Mikkeli – Finland)

Ajan kaikkeus ja kultainen hetki 2020 (Naantalin Taidehuone, Naantali – Finland)

Forecasting Aurora Borealis 2022 (Galleria Fogga, Helsinki – Finland)

Värien ja viivojen kertomaa 2022 (Mökki Galleria, Kaarina – Finland)

Tanssii taivaan tulien kanssa 3.1.-19.1.2023 (Galleria Fogga, Helsinki – Finland)

Viva Magenta 1.3. – 31.3. 2023 (Veistämö, Turku – Finland)

COMING: Name of the exhibition: under consideration 1.9. – 29-9-2023 (Pyhän Henrikin ekumeeninen taidekappeli, Turku – Finland,



Naantalin Taideyhdistys ry

Suomen Heraldinen Seura – Heraldiska Sällskapet i Finland


Academic CV – University of Turku